Hatch Patch



Hatch Patch is an Enterprise to raise money by Patching it to good causes and help small businesses be known on their Patch.

The aims are simple. Help, help, help.

Help good causes raise funds by allowing user to sell items and have the money Patched directly to the good cause.

Small business is central to the worlds economy, by aiming to help small business be known on their Patch, this enterprise can help with affordable promotion to any small business. The intention is operate a Triple Bottom Line.

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Good Causes

Hatch Patch - Business Side

Hatch Patch Aims and Objectives 85%
Fund Raising Operations 100%
Small Business Operations 100%
Payment Processing Policy 100%
Volunteer Policies 25%
Sponsorship Policy 10%
Services Ideas 10%

App Development

Project Concept and Planning 100%
Database Design 100%
API Design 100%
App Design 100%
Development 20%
Unit Testing 0%
User Acceptance Testing 0%

Key Features

If you want to Hatch something to sell and Patch it to a good cause, Hatch Patch takes care of all of it for you.

You job is to list, describe, show and tell the world what you have for sale. Choose a listed good cause who will receive the Patched money. We’ll find the people who want to buy it, arrange payment and Patch the money directly to the Good Cause.

Promoting small businesses, Hatch Patch gives you a window of opportunity to advertise your small business products or service.

Communication is key and thats why we our Aims are to enhance the communications of customer and small business.

Like it or not, we are attached to our devices. Phones, tablets, watches, you name it, most people one or more of these devices,

Hatch Patch is just another App, but its driven by Social Enterprise, the need to help others, from good causes to small business.

The aim is to help people sell items and Patch the money directly to a good cause.

A good cause could be a Charity, School PTA, Church, Club, Association, Social Enterprise or any none profit organisation.

Being in business is a tough game. My aim is to help small businesses by offering them a platform to list their business and communicate with an audience.

List your business on Hatch Patch and tell everyone where you are on your Patch.

Hatch Patch trading as Jonathan Andrew Greenwood t/a Hatch Patch