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Group Hug App

Group Hug App is a social concept, powered by volunteers and here to help people free their mind.

Each Group covers a topic, a user would search for a group, request to chat and chat freely and openly in a private and confidential communication system, where safeguarding, privacy and confidentiality are key factors of operations.

Group Hug App operates as an Enterprise aiming to operate a “Triple Bottom Line” by operating as a whole to satisfy the planet, people and profit. The key aims of the project are to keep the service free of charge through donations, sponsorships and volunteers donating their preciousness time to help others.

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Group Hug - Business Side

Group Hug Aims and Objectives 100%
Safeguarding Policy 100%
Insurance Cover 50%
Volunteer Policies 100%
Donation Policy 100%
Sponsorship Policy 100%
Services Ideas 80%

App Development

Project Concept and Planning 100%
Database Design 100%
API Design 100%
App Design 100%
Development 48%
Unit Testing 0%
User Acceptance Testing 0%

Key Features

Work from a mobile or tablet in the comfort of your home, office, car or any location with a internet connection.

Users will also access the App from their own phone or tablet and look for a Group which covers a topic they are looking to free their mind on.

Behind the scenes, Group Hug App offers the Group Founders, Managers and Supervisors all the tools to carry out a complex chat based service.

Safeguarding, privacy and confidentiality are key to making your conversation just that, private.

Sometimes just talking to someone is enough to ease the strain, pressure or anxiety. Its amazing how talking can release your mind.

Come to Group Hug App and release your mind.

Group Hug App is open to anyone in the United Kingdom. There are range of Groups available covering a wide range of topics.

Need to chat? come and talk to one of Groups. Our volunteers are not counselors, professionals or advisors. They are there to help you free your mind. Every chat is private and confidential.

Do you fancy being a Founder of a Group?

Group Hug is run by volunteers, those volunteers start from the top of the Group, a Founder and a leader to take the Group forward, find volunteers and set the tone for the Groups topic.

Contact me and lets get the next Group formed?

Are you looking to put something back into society? Do you have life experience? Volunteering for Group Hug can be rewarding, satisfying and may even help you get over previous issues, by giving back something to society

Group Hug App is an Enterprise trading as Jonathan Andrew Greenwood trading as Group Hug App aimed at providing a “Triple Bottom Line” looking at Planet, People and Profit as a whole.