Values and Goals

To do good things in life. Help people with mental health awareness and raise funds for good causes or industries who need help like farmers. To live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the beautiful countryside I live in.

Mental Health Awareness

Provide a Social Enterprise App, powered by volunteers and here to help people free their mind. Raise awareness on Mental Health, help change the dark concept and make it light again.

Raise Funds and Help Others

Provide a Social Enterprise to helping good causes worldwide to benefit from people selling items in return for a donations. Help small businesses by giving them a platform to advertise, communicate and make people aware of their products and services.

Yorkshire Dales Life and Healthy Living

Moving to the Yorkshire Dales was the best thing I ever did. I like to share my life through social media and this was the start of the fund raising, mental health awareness and healthy living change. Sharing my life has helped me with my mental health journey.

Hatch Patch

Hatch It, Sell It, Patch It OR Hatch It on Your Patch
A Social Enterprise designed to raise money and help small businesses. It started here in the Yorkshire Dales, by giving my hens eggs away in return for donations to Yorkshire Cancer Research. A unique and successful concept, all I've done is move it into the cloud so that everyone can benefit from this great idea through a mobile app called Hatch Patch.

I think the stories great.

Any good cause can benefit from Hatch Patch, charities, school PTAs, churches, clubs, associations, you name it, if they are a not for profit organisation, Hatch Patch is here to help.

Also here to help any small business by giving them an affordable solution to advertising and connecting their market on their Patch

Group Hug App

Free Your Mind - Now!
A survivor of depression and anxiety, I now try and help others with the complicated and tragic issue.

In 2012 when i lost my dad to cancer, I struggled with the whole situation. I found it hard to talk to family, friend or loved ones. Back then I knew I wanted to do something to help people, 7 years later, here it is.

A Social Enterprise, Group Hug App is free, powered by volunteers here to help free your mind.

In my experience, not being able to talk can sometime fuel the mental health issues and make things worse.

I created the idea and within 2 weeks I had signed up 6 Group Hugs to operate on launch.

I really do think this will make a difference to many people, which is why I've pledged to help 100000 people in the first 2 years.

Yorkshire Dales Life

Sharing, Fund Raising and Helping Others
I first created the brand image Yorkshire Dales Life to help promote the eggs sales for donations to Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Since then, over 2000 followers watch and look as I share my new life living in the Yorkshire Dales.

Its here where the beautiful countryside has enabled me to diversify my spare time into helping others, being creative and raising money.

Got an Idea for an App?

Could you be the next Social Enterprise?
I'm an Social Enterprise Entrepreneur, if I get the idea and can see huge benefits to other people and its something based around helping others, it's possible to make it a reality and very quickly.

I thought of Group Hug, named it, designed it, planned it, costed it and found a team of 6 Group Founders in less than 2 weeks. Of coarse delivering such an app takes time, but its moving forwards at a rapid pace on a daily basis.

Its what I do, its what I'm good at.

If you have an idea and have always thought its great but you have no idea how to make it reality, please contact me.